Selected Videos

Uchinaaguchi: Indigenous Language of Okinawa

Jack Musick's presentation at

the ALEX Student Research Conference 

University of Hawai'i at Hilo, May 3, 2014

Jack musick at the okinawa prefecture

japanese speech contest for foreigners 
February 7, 2014

2012 haarii festival after-party, hilo hawaii
2012 ハーリー祭のパーティー ハワイ島ヒロ市

2012 Haarii festival, hilo hawaii
2012 ハーリー祭 ハワイ島ヒロ市

Tom Callos interviews Hanshi Bill Gossett, Hanshi Steve Stark, & Shihan Jack Musick: University of Hawai'i at hilo, December 2010

Taika seiyu oyata